History of Ignite

In 2006, after the City of Roseville updated their economic profile, one statistic stood out. We were losing ground with the 21-40 age demographics 0f local residents. This was important to the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce because if we were going to continue to attract employers to the area, we needed qualified “creative class” work forces from this age group. The Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce recruited Rebecca Ryan, founder and co-owner of Next Generation Consulting to initiate the formation.


Rebecca emphasized that that there was a large gap between the present and future leaders in the community. Young professionals existed in our local workforces, but cities and communities need to be doing more to nurture and develop them into the next generation leaders. Today’s leaders want more than just a paycheck. They want to live, work and play in cities that invest in them. Otherwise these communities will experience “brain drain,” which is where young professionals leave certain cities for other areas they believe would offer more. She stated that “one way to attract and retain these young professionals in the community is to set up a young professionals organization.”


Thus began the inception of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce’s young professionals group called “Roseville Connect.” The committee was officially launched at Roseville 2007 event with a task force of about six to eight people. From there on, the committee grew tremendously. In 2009, the committee decided that Roseville Connects sounded too specific to only Roseville’s young professionals. The goal was to invite all young professionals in the South Placer area to join, therefore the name was rebranded as Ignite. Today, there are about 310 members in Ignite!


Past Chairs of Ignite Young Professionals

2006 – Tanner Laverty (Founding Chair), Laverty Chacon Commercial Real Estate

2007 – Tanner Laverty, Laverty Chacon Commercial Real Estate

2008 – Tanner Laverty, Laverty Chacon Commercial Real Estate

2009 – Lon Peterson, City of Roseville

2010 – Brian Whitmore, Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners, Inc. (currently BCA Architects)

2011 – Jeremy Masters, Liberty Mutual

2012 – Jeremy Masters, Kee & Associates

2013 – Jeremiah Miller, Forging Leaders

2014 – Eric McIntosh, ZOOM Imaging Solutions

2015 – Ashley Harris, GALLINA LLP

2016 – Alex Rue, Alex Rue Insurance Agency