(Allan Zaremberg, President and CEO of CalChamber; Wendy Gerig, CEO of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce; Susan Corrales-Diaz, Chair of CalChamber)

(Allan Zaremberg, President and CEO of CalChamber; Wendy Gerig, CEO of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce; Susan Corrales-Diaz, Chair of CalChamber)


2017 California Chamber of Commerce

President's Circle Award Winner!

The Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce has been the recipient of the CalChamber President's Circle Award for 5 consecutive years.  This award gives recognition for Excellence in Business Advocacy, and helping Members comply with Labor Laws.


We’ve got your back! Each day the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce is hard at work advocating on behalf of business to local, regional and national decision-makers on policies that directly impact businesses most. Our team is devoted to paving the way for businesses to continue moving forward. Wendy Gerig, Roseville Area Chamber CEO, participates in weekly conference calls with the California Chamber of Commerce to focus on statewide policy. She also holds quarterly meetings with our County Executive and local Supervisors as well as monthly meetings with the Roseville Mayor and City Manager. The Economic and Government Affairs Committee gives Chamber members the opportunity to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.

CalChamber Vote Record: Major Bills 2016

The CalChamber publishes this report to provide member firms and local chamber of commerce a gauge by which to measure the performance of their elected representatives in the Legislature.

I invite you to send me an email or give me a call to share how the Chamber can represent the needs of your business to the government or other issues that are of particular concern to you. The Roseville Area Chamber is more than 1,400 members strong and the collective voice of our member businesses is stronger than any one voice alone. Let’s collaborate and make doing business better for everyone!

Wendy Gerig, Roseville Area Chamber CEO

Once again, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce has demonstrated that it is not afraid to engage on weighty issues. Though one might think the issue of regulating marijuana cultivation in Placer County might be outside the normal scope of a business organization, the Chamber quickly and correctly identified the myriad ways that allowing the proliferation of pot farms would be bad for the overall economic and societal health of our community.

Kirk Uhler, Placer County Supervisor

Wendy saved the A-Frame Signs by conducting surveys and organizing meetings with city personnel and business representatives that rely on the use of these signs. She provided contact information of city officials as well as helped define the parameters for A-Frame use. Had it not been for Wendy and her efforts, the ability for businesses in the area to use this form of advertising would have likely been a thing of the past.

Guy Manwaring, Guy's for Lunch

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