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We’ve got your back! Each day the Roseville Chamber of Commerce is hard at work advocating on behalf of business to local, regional and national decision-makers on policies that directly impact businesses most. Our team is devoted to paving the way for businesses to continue moving forward.
Wendy Gerig, Roseville Chamber CEO, participates in weekly conference calls with the California Chamber of Commerce to focus on statewide policy. She also holds quarterly meetings with our County Executive and local Supervisors as well as monthly meetings with the Roseville Mayor and City Manager. The Economic and Government Affairs Committee gives Chamber members the opportunity to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.


I invite you to send me an email or give me a call to share how the Chamber can represent the needs of your business to the government or other issues that are of particular concern to you. The Roseville Chamber is more than 1,300 members strong and the collective voice of our member businesses is stronger than any one voice alone. Let’s collaborate and make doing business better for everyone!

–Wendy Gerig, Roseville Chamber CEO


The Roseville Chamber of Commerce partners with many of the other regional Chamber’s of Commerce on various legislation and job killer bills. For more information visit their websites:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

California Chamber of Commerce

California Chamber Job Killer Bills


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Recent Political Positions:

Roseville Chamber recently sent a letter to FCC opposing regulation of internet under Title II, here’s why: FCC Internet Filing



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2016 Annual Installation Dinner

2016 Annual Installation Dinner

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