Roseville Chamber PAC

Political Action Committee

The Roseville Chamber Political Action Committee is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated committee of individual citizens and business people established by the Board of Directors of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. The Roseville Chamber Political Action Committee is not affiliated with any political party or other political committee or person.


The goals and mission of Roseville Chamber PAC are:

  • To foster, promote and advocate for local, regional and state government officials and laws that are in the best interest of business and encourage economic vitality and growth.
  • Through the combined voice of business, support the election of officials and promote laws, at local and state levels of government, that advance and support business issues and the free-market, private enterprise.


Roseville Chamber PAC Trustees:

Krista Bernasconi

KFB Public Affairs

James Cuppet


Marcus J. Lo Duca

Law Office of Marcus J. Lo Duca, P.C.

Jeff Jones

Westpark Communities

John Mason

Gurnee Mason & Forestiere

Robert F. Sinclair

Sinclair, Wilson, Baldo & Chamberlain Attorneys at Law

Kirk Taber

Taber Creative Group

Doug Wagemann

Cochrane & Wagemann

Jim Williams

Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners, Inc.