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Attention Contractors: Sacramento-Based Tire Distributer Launches Over The Tire Tracks

Monster Tires Launches Full Line of Over The Tire Tracks (Rubber and Steel)

Sacramento-based Tire Distributer MonsterTires.com recently launched a full line of Over The Tire Tracks from McLaren Industries. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of Over The Tire Tracks and Solid Tires, McLaren’s products last the test of time.

MonsterTires.com now carries all lines of McLaren Industries OTT (Over The Tire) Tracks as well as Solid Skid Steer Tires.

Increased Performance for Contractors in Greater Sacramento

Looking to kick your skid steer up a notch, improving its flotation and traction capabilities and protecting your skid steer tires from damage in extreme applications? One sure way to do that is to outfit them with over-the-tire tracks. Monster Tires offers an array of OTT track options, depending on the terrains and job sites you plan on you using your skid steer loader on. There are three types of over-the-tire tracks that we stock:

  1. Metal (Steel) OTT Tracks
  2. Rubber OTT Tracks
  3. Metal OTT tracks with Optional Rubber Pads

All our tracks are completely rebuildable, which means that you do not have to replace the entire track system should one of the components get worn or damaged. Monster Tires offers rebuildable kits for replacing components like links and bolts at affordable prices.

Let’s explore each of the OTT track options we offer so you can properly assess and choose the perfect track solution for your skid steer applications:

Metal OTT Tracks

Our metal OTT tracks are built using high-quality manganese and chromium steel components, guaranteeing high performance in the harshest working conditions. The track’s surface features an open, double bar design that allows for self-cleaning of debris and soil while operating your skid steer. They are best suited for mud, clay, loose rock, sand, snow, and ice. They offer maximum traction in rough, uneven terrains while providing enhanced flotation in sand and deep mud. Our metal OTT track system is compatible with the following skid steer tire sizes:

  • 10×16.5
  • 12×16.5
  • 14×17.5

Here are some of the great benefits you’ll enjoy with this OTT track system:

  1. Tire Protection

Our metal OTT tracks will guarantee that your skid steer tires are fully protected as you navigate tricky terrains and complex job sites. You do not have to worry about punctures or tear to your tires as the strong steel shoes are designed to guard the tires from abrasive elements found on work sites.

  1. Durability

The steel used on our metal OTT tracks are heat-treated to extend the service life these tracks. The track components are also fortified with chromium and manganese which toughens the track and give them longer wear.

  1. Economical OTT Track Solution

Compared to our other OTT track options, our metal OTT tracks are usually the cheapest while still maintaining their high-performing capabilities especially on demanding job sites. They are a great solution for skid steer owners or operators working on a budget.

  1. Increased Traction

The open-bar surface design of our metal OTT tracks give them a stronger grip on surfaces, thereby increasing traction on applications that involve mud, sand and snow. This makes them perfect for hilly or sloped terrains as they firmly grip on to these surfaces, offering stability and greater traction as you traverse these terrains.

Rubber OTT Tracks

Our rubber tracks provide the maximum flotation over mud, sand and loose gravel. They are also great for on-road applications like asphalt and concrete, as they do not damage these surfaces like metal OTT tracks would. The base of the rubber tracks are reinforced with continuous forged steel that improves wear and increases service life. The continuous steel technology eliminates weak spots along the track belt, boosting track strength and durability.

Our rubber tracks come in a variety of different tread patterns to cater specific purposes and applications. Some tread styles are more aggressive than others, making them great for harsher environments while other tread patters are specially built to maximize protection of sensitive surfaces.

Monster Tires Rubber OTT tracks are designed to fit the following skid steer tires:

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main benefits of using Rubber OTT tracks on your skid steer:

  1. Maximum Flotation

These tracks are designed for optimal flotation. Not only does the wide base provide reduced ground pressure for your skid steer that skid steer tires do not but the rubber makes them lighter than steel tracks, minimizing ground pressure and boosting flotation over muddy and sandy terrains.

  1. Operator Comfort

Rubber tracks ensure that the skid steer operator enjoys a smoother, cushioned ride as he or she navigates a wide range of terrains. Rubber tracks maximize shock absorption as you navigate uneven terrains. The reduced noise and lower vibration you get while using rubber OTT tracks also adds to operator comfort. Operator comfort translates to increased efficiency and productivity which is great for your bottom line!

  1. Minimizes Damage on Hard and Sensitive Surfaces

Rubber tracks protect abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete from damage. They are also fantastic on sensitive surfaces like turf as they do not damage the grass like a steel OTT track would. Thus, they are the best option for landscaping projects and are also ideal for applications such as parks and golf-courses that also require tirf protection.

Metal with Optional Rubber Pad OTT Tracks

These tracks are essentially a fusion of both metal and rubber tracks. The rubber pads are optional and can be bolted on and off as needed. Basically, it’s like having two tracks in one, as they can be transformed to work as steel OTT tracks or rubber OTT tracks making these tracks extremely versatile OTT track solutions.

These tracks are compatible with the following skid steer tire sizes:

  • 10×16.5
  • 12×16.5
  • 14×17.5

Some benefits of using this OTT track system:

  1. Durability

Our Metal-Rubber OTT tracks use premium forged steel that is heat-treated to strengthen it and prolong its service life. The optional rubber pads are made from highly durable rubber compounds that are puncture and tear resistant, which improves track wear.

  1. Versatility

The tracks are made of steel grousers with the option of adding rubber pads. When used with the highly-durable rubber pads, you enjoy the same benefits as our rubber OTT tracks – increased flotation, cushioned, smoother ride and protection of hard and sensitive surfaces like asphalt and concrete. The rubber tracks can be easily mounted and dismounted as needed. Without the rubber pads, you can operate your skid steer in harsh, uneven and extremely demanding terrains.

Now that you have a better idea of the specific advantages and compatible/ideal terrains of each type of OTT tracks, contact Monster Tires today for all your OTT needs. We are proud to offer a large inventory of premium OTT tracks that can outfit a wide range of top-name skid steer brands on the market including Bobcat, CASE, Caterpillar, JCB, John Deere and many more! Monster Tires offers competitive prices and we can guarantee that equipping your skid steer loader with any of our high-quality OTT tracks will boost the bottom line of your operations!

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