Listening to Clients: An Improviser’s Approach

July 12, 2017 General Info

It’s time!  You and I have this private moment together.  I’m so looking forward to sharing some ideas with you.  I have between 400 and…

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Want Your Small Business To Grow? Then Google Is Your Best Friend

June 28, 2017 General Info

Are you ready to meet your best friend?  Here it is… Yes, your new best friend is a website.  That is, of course, assuming…

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5 Reasons Millennials Are Joining Networking Groups: And if Not, Why They Should.

June 14, 2017 General Info

    Hello, Michael Parker here. I am the founder of Forge Online Personal Training, a national fitness & nutrition coaching company. I am also…

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Ditch the Roadblocks: Five ways for young professionals to succeed this year

March 2, 2017 General Info

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy – or all the time, am I right?! As a young professional and millennial (like it or…

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Life Time Athletic Opens its Doors to Kick off a Healthy New Year

December 21, 2016 Our Members

While January 1 is the traditional day millions announce their New Year’s Resolutions, research shows only 8% of Americans achieve success. Roseville Area Chamber member…

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Five “Perks” of Giving Back as a Young Professional

November 1, 2016 Ignite

Young professionals have a bad rap. “Generation Me,” spoiled, lazy…the list of adjectives used to describe us goes on. Made up primarily of a generation…

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5 Types of Mentors

June 27, 2016 General Info

Mentors can be a huge part of a young professional’s early career. Certainly, I never would have made it to where I am without the…

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