Members Supporting Members

October 26, 2017 General Info

Here at the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, we are always encouraging our members to do business with one another. When our members provide products and/or services to other members (and vice-versa), not only does it help the community grow and thrive, but it also builds valuable connections that can help any business succeed. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that unless you’re willing to ask every person that walks through the door if they are a Roseville Area Chamber Member, there is no clear way to know who is a member and who is not. That is why we have officially begun to roll out our…

“Members Supporting Members”
Business Card Stickers!


These little stickers fit comfortably on any business card, and will inform others of your Chamber Membership. Doing so can open several possibilities, such as being treated to one of the many Member-to-Member Discounts currently available, networking with resourceful people who can help you succeed, and, of course, potentially gaining more clients.

We also have our “Proud Member” stickers available now (seen in image below). These are perfect for putting in your store or on your car to show others that you are a proud Member of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce.

We want to ensure that our members are seeing a return on their investment with us. We hope that these stickers can help show further value in your membership, and provide you with a clear return on your investment with us. You can pick some of these up at our office or at any of our events.