Reach A Larger Audience with Videos

September 13, 2017 General Info

Posting videos directly to Facebook or Twitter will significantly increase your user reach.

Your Facebook News Feed is a constantly-evolving algorithm that determines the content you see each and every day.  Staying as up-to-date as possible on these algorithms can greatly benefit anyone looking to reach a larger audience.

Over the past year, video has gained traction as one of the most emphasized aspects of social media.  Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said in November of 2016 that Facebook would be “putting video first”.[1]  This means that they are now incentivizing people to upload more videos by rewarding them with higher priority in news feeds.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to reach more users with video.

  1. Take Live Video [2]

Live video is prioritized when it is live, rather than posted afterwards, and is a great way to interact with your audience (which may include potential clients).

  1. Facebook Videos Have a 10x Higher Viral Reach than YouTube Links [3]

Videos uploaded directly to Facebook will play automatically when users scroll over it, whereas links to YouTube/Vimeo will require the user to click on it and possibly redirect to another page.

  1. Create Lengthy Videos…But Only If They Are Engaging [4]

Facebook also prioritizes videos that are long and engaging.  If you can find a way to keep viewers from straying away, your video will find its way into more news feeds.

*Bonus Tip:  Add Captions

All Facebook videos in your news feed are muted until clicked on or un-muted.  If a viewer needs audio to understand the point of your video, there’s a good chance that they won’t watch it.  Adding captions can effectively keep a viewer engaged without them ever having to turn the sound on.  There are tools available online that make this process quick and easy, which you can read about here.


If it seems daunting to keep up with the constant changes on social media, don’t worry…you’re certainly not the only one who feels that way.  But, fear not.  Most people are in the same boat as you.  While it’s virtually impossible to understand the vast complexity that makes up social media algorithms, you can still achieve significant boosts in viewership by comprehending the fundamental ideas behind them.  You can also go to social media news sites such as Digital Trends[5] to see the latest updates to various platforms.


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