Reasons to Join

Why Join?

The Top 10 Reasons to Become a Member of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce are:


#1 Support for a Strong Business Environment and Community.

The Roseville Area Chamber works each day to ensure a strong and stable business environment. We’re proud to say that Roseville is one of the top 100 wealth centers in the nation, has a lower unemployment rate than the state average and maintains a thriving economy. To keep our business community successful, we hold an annual “Listening to Business” event to make sure we’re doing everything we can to serve our members. We also host the region’s signature business and economic development event, which draws more than 650 members of the business community.


#2 Increased Visibility.

As a Chamber member, you and your business benefit from multiple listing opportunities on the Roseville Area Chamber website, in its newsletter, at events and more!


#3 Credibility.

A recent study by the Shapiro Group found that Chamber membership alone directly impacts consumer patronage. The study found that when consumers know a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 44 percent more likely to think favorably of it, are 63 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from that company in the future and 12 percent more likely to think its products stack up better than its competition. Further, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce has five-star accreditation with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, marking it as one of the top 1% performing chambers in the nation and the only accredited chamber in the region


#4 Access to Decision Makers.

At the Roseville Area Chamber, we invite local, state and federal elected officials to attend and speak at our Economic and Government Affairs Committee meetings. All members have the opportunity to attend and contribute. On a quarterly basis, our CEO meets with the County Executive and area Supervisors to make an impact on policy at the county level. Additionally, our CEO meets with the Mayor, Chamber President and City Manager each month to maintain open communication about chamber and city business matters.


#5 Advocacy.

We’ve got your back! Each day the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce staff is hard at work advocating on behalf of business to local regional and national decision-makers on policies that directly impact businesses most. The Roseville Area Chamber PAC supports the election of officials and promotes laws—at local and state levels of government—that advance and support business issues and free-market, private enterprise.


#6 Business Development.

Joining the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce opens up many opportunities to develop and promote your business. Join our Leadership Roseville program to expand your understanding of local history, policy and economics. Attend our Seminars for Success to gain insights from experts in different fields. Work with Ignite, our Young Professionals Organization, to foster new talent. Participate in our Harvest Festival and Business Fair to nurture your business’ relationship with the community. There are over 90 events for Chamber members to leverage for success. All of these opportunities provide excellent methods for advancing your business goals.


#7 Member-Only Privileges.

We strive to provide amenities for our members that alleviate some of the everyday costs of doing business. Members can enjoy free point of origin certification for exports, complimentary use of our discounted bulk mail rate, free use of our board and conference rooms, free lobby display space at the Chamber office and listings on our enhanced Search Engine Optimization Tool.


#8 Member Discounts.

As a vital part of Roseville’s thriving economy, Chamber members are rewarded with special discounts. These include the Office Depot Discount Program (saving members up to 25% on office supplies) and a wealth of member-to-member discounts. Find out more about member discounts here.


#9 Cost-Effective Advertising.

We understand how important it is to promote your business, which is why we offer many advertising packages at discounted rates to our members. Your ads will be seen by more than 1,400 businesses, will reach 4,000 individuals! From event sponsorships to newsletter ads, website banners and trade show space, we can help maximize your marketing dollars.


#10 Networking.

Joining the Roseville Area Chamber opens the door to more than 90 business networking events throughout the year. There is no substitute for the value of face-to-face networking within your local business community and we provide the platform for these vital connections to occur. When you join the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce, you are entering a business community that works together to keep our local economy thriving. Our mission is to help Roseville succeed, and we do this by making every member strong. Read more about all our events here.