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Grow with the Chamber!

Help the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce grow by referring members. How does this work?

Any member that refers another business to the Roseville Area Chamber will be rewarded with incentives. Some of these incentives include:

  • Thank you from Sales staff (either call, email or note card)
  • Recognition at the Chamber lunch & breakfast (by CEO/VP of Membership/President – whoever is in attendance)
  • $25 in Chamber Cash to be used toward membership, advertising, events, etc
  • Business name mentioned on Monday morning EBlast (next to the business they referred)
  • Business mentioned on Lobby power point for the month

The top referral business will be recognized at the Installation Dinner as “Referral Partner of the Year.”

Refer a New Member

To submit a new referral, simply fill out the form below. A Chamber staff member will be in touch shortly to confirm your information.
  • Company Information

    Please state the contact information for the Business you are are referring
  • Primary Contact Person

    We need your information to reward you with the incentives.
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Terms and Conditions: There is no limit to the number of prospects that can be submitted. Please submit your referral via mail, email, fax or by giving it to a Chamber sales staff member. The person making the prospect referral must  be a current and active member of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. If a prospect is submitted more than once, the Chamber will honor the Chamber member who turned in the referral form first. To learn more about the referral program please contact us at: (916) 783-8136 or stop by the Chamber Office and say hello! (650 Douglas Blvd.)