Travel with the Roseville Area Chamber

June 16, 2016 Community Information, General Info

Are you ready for an Adventure? Set your sights on new horizons and let the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce be your guide around the globe. Each year we partner with Chamber travel agencies to offer trips to exotic locales at a significant savings to you.

This year, we have two spectacular adventures lined up for you to choose from.  The first trip will take you on a 10-day cruise to discover the legendary beauty of the Rhine River. On the second trip, you will get 9 days to experience the best kept secrets of Croatia.

The glorious cruise up the Rhine River, one of Europe’s most important waterways, is brought to you by Chamber Discoveries, the leader in travel for Chambers of Commerce throughout the United States and a favorite among chamber travelers. You will be visiting a total of four countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland, aboard the newly built 5-star Charles Dickens. The romantic Rhine landscape with its gently rolling vineyards and picturesque river banks will transform this trip into an unforgettable experience. The starting price is 3,899 per person and the trip will depart on October 19th.

croatiaThe 9-day trip to Croatia is brought to you by Central Holidays West, the experts on travel throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. In this captivating trip to Croatia, you will explore the exquisite towns and villages along the Dalmatian Coast as well as the widely known capital Zagreb, also known as the “City of Museums.” With 1,778 kilometers of coastline, plus more than one thousand offshore islands, Croatia is an alluring and attractive beach destination that has become a popular vacation spot waiting to be explored by jet-setters, yachting enthusiasts, and travelers seeking exploration, culture, sun and fun! The tour price starts at $3,249 and will depart on November 11th.

For more details about the trips, click here or contact the Roseville Area Chamber with your questions or reservations at (916) 783-8360.