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Want Your Small Business To Grow? Then Google Is Your Best Friend

Are you ready to meet your best friend?  Here it is…


Yes, your new best friend is a website.  That is, of course, assuming that you own a small (or large) business.

97% of consumers look online for local goods and services, yet only 44% of businesses have claimed their listing with Google.[1]  It should be common knowledge at this point that Google is the overwhelmingly favorite search engine among internet users (77% use Google while only 7% use Bing). [2]  With that being the case, wouldn’t it make sense to make your business as visible and credible as possible on this platform?

A Google listing will provide consumers with your business’ name, address, phone number, hours of operation, and reviews, all on the very first page they see.

It might surprise you how little it takes for a consumer to view you as less credible or too difficult to find online.  Humans have an average attention span of about 8 seconds (compared to that of a goldfish…which can hold its attention for an average of 9 seconds).[3]  Businesses have about that much time to convince a potential buyer to visit their website, versus someone else’s.  If your business takes too long for them to find, that’s a lost lead.  This may not be a problem if it happens once or twice by a customer who can’t navigate the internet very well.  However, if it’s an inherent problem with your listing on Google, then it begins to add up quickly.

Without wasting anymore of your time, let me tell you how to fix this problem in the easiest way possible.

1. Go to the website I mentioned earlier (https://www.gybo.com/business)

2. Click “View My Listing”

3. Enter your business name and city.

That’s it.  Seriously.  Ok, well, not really, but you’re already way ahead of where you just were.

Google will then let you know whether or not your business is listed.  If it is, then you’re set.  Google will still give you some great recommendations for improvements (adding things like business hours, photos, etc.).  If it’s not listed, then you have some work to do.  Google will make it fairly easy for you to figure it out from there by leading you to the “Google My Business” website so you can enter in your business’ information (https://www.google.com/business/).

If you find yourself having trouble setting up your business listing, there are plenty of resources around you.  I would recommend starting here – https://support.google.com/business/.  Additionally, the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce is a great resource.  Chamber members who invest in our new SEO package will have their Google Listing set up for them, as well as an evaluation of their internet presence.  For more information, call our office at 916-783-8136, or email at admin@rosevilleareachamber.com.


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